How to get organic views in YouTube videos

Metadata Optimization: 

Metadata in YouTube refers the info regarding uploaded video that features the title, description, tags, category, thumbnail, subtitles. Metadata can help audiences to find videos on YouTube effectively.


This is the heading of the video which should be crystal clear to understand your content. If your thumbnail image matches to video title then there are more chances to get more views. Sometimes people miss matching the title with their thumbnail image that causes less attention to users click on it. Name your video exactly. If it’s about Dance, then the word “Dance” should be in the video name. Now upload your video, but make it temporary to “private” then optimize the rest of the settings then finally publish it.

Note- The title should be 55 characters or less and should include your keyword.


Content is the 1st reason to get fist position in someone’s search. Remember that YouTube can’t watch or listen to your video to observe what the content you uploaded is. There is the only one thing, words surrounded your video. First 160 characters will appear in search results so make the 1st 3 or 4 lines very expressive about your video to impress a viewer. Without keyword you can’t get ranked in Google search so it’s important to add your keyword in your video description. YouTube allows up to 5,000 characters in your video description. YouTube always uses keywords in the description to rank your video for super-long tail keywords.


Add ten to twenty tags per video is an ideal way to visible in someone’s search. Use your keywords multiple times in tag section. Try to use relevant keyword related phrases instead of single word.

Keyword Research

If you want to improve your YouTube organic reach, you have to start with a good keyword research. You can start with Google Ad Words Keyword Planner to determine (search volume) and competition for your target keyword phrase.

You can use the suggestions from the Google search box or paid SEO tools also.

Channel Reputation

To start improving your YouTube video’s organic views, you have to build up your channel reputation. To get started,

Add a good profile photo (Logo) and cover photo (channel art-2560 x 1440).  It’s one of the largest channel art in the social media, with the most narrow display area.


Next, you have to publish a strong and effective channel trailer to introduce new visitors to you, your brand, and why they would want to watch your video and subscribe to your channel. Add a effective and great description with your Trailer, It will help you to express your intention and purpose.

Profile Information

On your channel’s About tab, enter a good and expressive description of yourself, your purpose, and target of your channel. Then importantly link it to your website and your top social profiles like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.

Custom Thumbnails

This is the first point of contact for your videos. Remember YouTube will give you 3 screenshots to choose, but you can upload your own image as a custom thumbnail. Make a thumbnail with adding a screenshot of your video, it will give a little glance of your video to a viewer before watching the video, as together they build a cohesive story about your video.


Creating a playlist will give a chance to viewers where they could find all your videos. This will help you to show up all of your videos in an organized way.

Use Annotations

Adding annotations to your video will give more information to a viewer and it can be use for highlighting your other videos or series. This will add a greater value to the viewing experience. There are so many types of annotations like spotlight annotations, In Video Programming Annotations which will customize the use of annotations.

Social Media Sharing

YouTube is the second most powerful media network, other social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, blogs etc will grow your traffic. Likes, shares, tweets (#) hashtags, play a strategic importance in the world of social media. Social media platforms help to increase engagement with other’s content and simultaneously your own video. Remember, don’t be a Spammer. Google+ plus will work as a big positive point for your YouTube video in building a strong bond with new users as well.


Speak with your subscriber, reply your subscriber’s question and doubts, It will give you fantastic engagement and a better subscriber base also, Don’t give negative comments, Don’t abuse your subscribers. Make a positive environment with your subscriber. You can increase your subscribers by adding a watermark to all of your videos. When people click on it, they will subscribe your channel. This will ensure that people can subscribe to your YouTube channel from videos that are embedded on other websites or shared on social media.

Upload videos on regular basis

A regular flow of video creates a scheduled routine for viewers to consume your content periodically. They get habituated to watch your content at a particular day and time.


If you follow the steps mentioned above, from building up your YouTube channel’s reputation to promoting and advertising video you created, you will get better result of  your YouTube organic reach in YouTube search results, suggested videos, and even Google search results.

If you have tried any of these updates or have some other great tips that I might have missed, kindly share them in the comments below!


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