Disable Youtube Autoplay In Chrome & Firefox

How To Disable Youtube Autoplay In Chrome & Firefox

Summary: There are several extensions like ImprovedTube, Flash Stopper, and YouTube Plus is using which you can disable the autoplay functionality. You can set default video on streaming website YouTube.

Watching YouTube videos is very irritating if you have a low bandwidth connection. As soon as you open a video, it automatically selects a predefined quality and starts downloading the data. All you can see is a buffering symbol on your player because your internet connection is slow enough.

You might not be able to handle the above scenario, if you’re living in countries like South Korea, Hungary, etc., because they have Super fast internet. But, if you don’t care about your  speed, the playlist’s autoplay feature on YouTube might irritate you.

How to stop “YouTube Autoplay” in Google Chrome?


Actually, ImprovedTube is the best Chrome extension to disable video autoplay on YouTube player. It is a undeniable fact that maximum people don’t like the autoplay feature on YouTube.

After you have installed the ImprovedTube extension, a play button will show up on the “right side” of the URL bar. Now, visit YouTube.com and the play button will turn to red color.

Here are some useful options in ImprovedTube:

Disable YouTube Autoplay

To do this, you have to click the red play button and then go to Settings. There, you need to select Auto Play option Disabled. Now, refresh the YouTube page. You can click on any video to see if it works.

 Set default video quality

In the Youtube player settings, you can also set the Video resolution quality. You can choose any low option if you’re on a slow bandwidth connection. Reload the YouTube page after settings the video quality.

How to stop video autoplay in Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox has an preloaded inbuilt functionality, you can disable video autoplay on YouTube and other websites. To turn this on, you have to change the value of media.autoplay.enabled preference to false in the Firefox configuration editor:

  1. In the Firefox url bar, type about:config and press enter.
  2. Click… I accept the risk!warning message.
  3. Search for media.autoplay.enabled in the preferences list. You can use the search bar where you can type “autoplay”.
  4. Now you can “Double-click”on (media.autoplay.enabled) and the value will be set to “false”.

And check YouTube and play any video to see if it is working or not. Kindly note, video will still buffer.

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